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Be The Best Recruiting Service Options

Be The Best  Recruiting Services provides 365 days of guidance and services.  

I begin the program with an evaluation  with the parents and recruit to help identify target schools. I provided input and help to determine the best schools based on academic standards and potential majors. 


The next phase is to develop your son’s “branding statement”. The key to a successful recruiting process is the “self-promotion” of the  player.  We create a biography on your son’s background which includes his academic achievements, potential college major, inside and outside of school activities and his on field accomplishments.

  • Academic performance reports

  • Biography

  • High School coach’s testimonial

  • Season highlights via our cloud services

  • Other letters of recommendations


I move into supervising your son's out of season recruiting program.  I start with developing a skills/practice video to illustrate his abilities. The video will focus on those key benchmarks that a college staffs evaluate.  Next, I will build out a summer clinic, camp and showcase schedule for him.    

Throughout the year and entire recruiting process, I am available every day to provide assistance to you and your child.


  • $3000 for the entire high school career.

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